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Debut Management, LLC takes on NYC for a limited engagement

The feedback from our debut production of Flow, Hip Hip and the Church has been exceptional. Thank you for the support. We have expanded the cast to include singing sensation Kierra"KiKi" Sheard and model Jenaya Faulkner. Also added to the impressive cast for his stage debut is Love & Hip Hop star, Peter Gunz along with singing diva Valarie Adams. The story in based on the life of Altarik Winstead who plays the lead character. I am grateful that he allowed me to tell this personal journey on the stage that is so familiar to so many. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of this production. I have been working on Flow for three years. It is different from other plays I have written and targets a different audience in our efforts to broaden our fan base. It explores the conflict between living your passion and trying to balance the acceptance of others. There is nothing extraordinary about Flow's story. We can all relate to making difficult choices and trying to stay closely connected with the family of Christ. In Flow's case however, his gift may be in direct conflict with his desire to please God. The hip hop culture and urban music is often victimized and misunderstood. Flow finds the balance in the end but not without paying a price.


A stage play unlike any other, FLOW is the story of an aspiring hi-hop artist, Flow, who gets caught in the web of his mother's deception. His love interest, R&B sensation Dani Rice, helps catapult his career into the stratosphere. Flow’s mother, Pastor Claire’s past contributes to an unimaginable climax. She imposes her commitment to the church on her son and he rebels by getting deeper and deeper in the very world she tries to shield him from. Although she now walks a straight and narrow path, Pastor Claire carries a secret, which eventually catches up with her. This story shows the daily struggle between the Hip Hop culture and the black church. Sometimes there are no winners!


Each time I write a story I try to connect it to real people. When we cast a project, we seek great, emerging talent but we also seek out those who will be a part of a family. This cast is more than hired actors, which is why I think our productions have been so well received. I applaud my exceptional team of ride or dies, Terry Thompson, Kimberly Rowland, Laquinda DelRey, Stephen Holmes, and Altarik Winstead for making the impossible possible.


I am excited about the opportunity to produce a feature film from this production, which will be a first for Debut Management. Thanks to investors who believe in my team, the script and me. My production team aka my ride or dies...have done it again. Debut is definitely on the move!!!





Love and Hip Hop New York


Gospel Singer 



              AL B. SURE

Tribeca Performing Arts Center   199 Chambers St     New York NY 10007


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